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Many thanks to the businesses below who make the Happy Girls races possible!

At Lay It Out Events we want to maximize your advertising dollars by providing a complete marketing experience.  Our sponsorship packages give clients a comprehensive reach:

  • A collective campaign of traditional media as well as online and social media outlets, your brand is out there well before the event.
  • We provide onsite visibility and the opportunity to connect directly with new or emerging clients.
  • Our diverse events range in size, style, and demographic so that you can draw a crowd that will suit your marketing goals.

Find out more about our events and let us work with you to create a complete advertising experience.  For more information please call (541) 323-0964 or email rick@layitoutevents.com. Click here for more details on sponsorship opportunities.

2018 Sponsors

10 Barrel
Another Mother Runner
Clear Chiropractic
Crater Lake Spirits
Running Princess
Source Weekly
Team Pilates