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Why Race the Happy Girls Run Spokane?

Be inspired, inspire others and have fun! Happy Girls make up an inclusive community of women that supports healthy choices, positive self-image and—most importantly—each other. Happy Girls Run courses are widely recognized by both first-time racers and seasoned runners alike as being inspiring and fun. This scenic course will take you over challenging dirt trails, groomed paths and paved roads through beautiful Spokane, Ore.

Course Maps

Half Marathon Course (click for an interactive map) is 50/50 mix of pavement and dirt trail. The dirt trail is relatively smooth but there are several technical, rocky sections.  There are several scree slides at roughly mile 4 to mile 4.3.  Runners are advised to slow down and watch your footing.  All up, the rocky sections total about 1 mile, distributed throughout the first 6 miles. A good rule of thumb is if you see rapids in the river, the trail is likely to be rocky there too. Rocks consist of some smooth river rock and some more jagged shale. The rest is hero dirt for sure. A spectacular course! We’re in love…

The 10K Course (click for an interactive map) consists of about a 50/50 mix of paved and dirt trails.   There is one section of river rock that we would classify as technical rocky.  It’s a couple hundred yards worth over the course of the full distance.  There is also a short section of loose sticks that was recently placed as part of trail restoration efforts.  Fair warning!  It smells like horses near the coral.  We think this course affords some amazing views and running terrain.

The 5K Course (click for an interactive map is again, about a 50/50 mix of trails and pavement.  There are no technical sections to this course.  We would certainly say it’s rolling though…there isn’t a lot of flat on this course as you can see from the elevation guide below.  Remember that 5K’s are awesome (as affirmed by Lauren Fleshman in the June 2014 issue of Runner’s World!), so we say just do it!

Aid Stations

There are seven aid stations on the half marathon course, not including the start and finish line. There is one aid station on the 5k course and two on the 10k course. All aid station volunteers are provided by Create Your Statement so please say thanks when you run by.