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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many of your questions will be answered by looking through our frequently asked questions list below. If you find that your question is not answered, by all means, send us an email!

What measures are being taken to ensure no one is exposed to COVID-19?2020-09-16T17:08:10-07:00

All runners will wear masks and adhere to social distancing protocols at the start and finish lines.

All staff will wear masks.

All aid station volunteers and food handlers will wear masks and gloves.

Hand sanitizer will be available at the start and finish lines.

Starts will be staggered in four waves per distance to spread out runners.

Race is chip-timed, enabling runners to start at their leisure within their designated wave and comfortably distanced from other runners.

Runners are encouraged to wear their mask when passing on the trail.

Volunteers will help direct finishers away from the finish line to avoid crowding.

Only one guest per runner is allowed at the start/finish area to eliminate crowding.

Food will be individually wrapped and beer available in cans for sanitation purposes.

Vendors at the finish line area will wear masks and adhere to social distancing protocols.

There will be no awards ceremony this year; winners will be recognized online only.

Can I walk?2020-09-16T14:44:41-07:00

Absolutely! We encourage all women to participate. All we ask is that walkers start in the back to allow the faster runners to get through. The cutoff for official timing is 1:45 pm. All runners still on course at 1:45pm will be shuttled back to the finish area.

Are there any age restrictions?2018-10-24T12:39:02-07:00

We’ve spoken to many coaches about age-appropriate distances. In general, we ask that girls are at least 10 years old to participate in the 5K run and 12 years old to participate in the half marathon.

Make sure you bring your ID if you plan on drinking at the Post race celebrations, we will not serve minors.

Can someone pick up my race packet for me?2019-08-12T11:18:24-07:00

Yes! Just make sure that you fill out your race waivers online BEFORE they drop by to pick up your packet.  All they need is your first and last name.

Where and when is packet pick-up?2020-08-31T09:55:03-07:00

The FivePine Lodge and Conference Center in Sisters, on November 6th from 4pm-7pm. Packet pick-up will also be available in Bend, on November 5th at FootZone from 3:30pm-6:30pm.

Late packet pick-up is available starting at 8am at the start/finish area at FivePine Lodge.

Do I need to bring anything with me to packet pick-up?2018-10-24T12:40:23-07:00

If you have your email confirmation, that is helpful in case we have trouble locating your race packet.

Can I pick up my packet on race morning?2020-08-27T17:11:08-07:00

If you cannot make either of the Packet Pickups (Thursday at FootZone in Bend or Friday in Sisters), you may pick up your packet before the race in Sisters at the starting area.

What kind of awards will be presented?2020-08-27T17:13:02-07:00

Awards will be given out to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall winners, as well as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall Masters (40+) winners for both the half marathon and 5K runs. There will be no awards ceremony this year due to COVID-19 precautions, but winners will be recognized online, and awards mailed.

Are there finisher’s medals?2019-11-06T13:53:36-08:00

Yes, all runners (half marathon and 5K) will receive a custom-made Happy Girls Sisters commemorative belt buckle/medal!

What is the race terrain like?2018-10-24T12:42:55-07:00

The terrain for the half marathon is 95% trail.  The course showcases the Peterson Ridge trail system and is almost entirely beautiful single track. There are a couple rocky sections, but most of the course is hard packed trail.  The 5K course is all pavement and winds through downtown Sisters.

Is there a time limit on the half marathon?2020-09-16T14:46:18-07:00

You must complete the course in four hours (by 1:45pm). The finish line will remain open until 2pm. We will have a course sweep and you must make the 2nd aid station (midway point, 6.7 miles) by the two-hour mark (11:45 am) in order to continue. All runners still on course at 1:45pm will be picked up and shuttled back to the finish area.

How many events are taking place?2020-08-27T17:15:45-07:00
  • Early Packet Pickup in Bend – Thursday, Nov. 5 | 3:30-6:30pm | FootZone Bend
  • Packet Pickup – Friday, Nov. 6 | 4-7pm | FivePine Lodge & Conference Center
  • Happy Girls Half Marathon – Saturday, Nov. 7 | 9am
  • Happy Girls 5K Run – Saturday, Nov. 7 | 10am
How is the race timed?2020-08-27T17:17:30-07:00

The race will be professionally timed, and results posted online no later than Sunday following the race. The results will also be available at the finish line!

Will there be mile markers on the course?2018-10-24T12:49:00-07:00

Yes, there will be mile markers for each mile of the Half Marathon & 5K.

How many aid stations are on the course?2018-10-24T12:49:19-07:00

There are three on the half marathon course, not including the start and finish line. There is one aid station on the 5K course. Aid stations will be fully supplied with water, GU Brew and GU gels.

Can I run with a stroller?2018-10-24T12:50:17-07:00

Not on the half marathon course, there are varying terrains and with the number of women on the course it is not conducive to running with a stroller. You may choose to run the 5K with a stroller, however we ask that strollers start in the back so as not to impede faster runners.

Can I wear an iPod or other headphones/MP3 player on the course?2018-10-24T12:50:43-07:00

We love to run with music too!  All we ask is that you consider only having your headphones in one ear and/or keep the volume of your music reasonable so you can be aware of your surroundings and other people on the course. The 5K course is NOT closed to cars and when you are on the road, you wear headphones at your own risk!

Can I run with my dog?2018-10-24T12:51:13-07:00

No, we ask that you leave Fido at home. Service dogs are allowed, but we ask that you notify the race director prior to the event: race@layitoutevents.com.

Are there porta potties on the course?2018-10-24T12:51:41-07:00

There will be porta potties at the start/finish area and at aid station 2 (mile 6.7) and aid station 3 (mile 10.3) on the half marathon course.  There are no porta potties on the 5K course.

Where should I park?2020-08-27T17:19:20-07:00

There is limited parking at FivePine Lodge & Conference Center where the start/finish area is. Additional parking is available at Sisters Elementary (across Hwy 20 and ½ mile from the start/finish area)

Are spectators allowed in the start/finish areas?2020-08-27T17:23:00-07:00

Due to COVID-19 guidelines regarding the number of people allowed at an event, we ask that you limit your support crew to one person. This is very important and helps us put on an event that is socially distanced and honors all guidelines mandated by our state.

Where should I stay if I’m not from Sisters?2020-08-27T17:29:50-07:00

FivePine Lodge and Conference Center in Sisters should be your first choice, since this is where the race takes place. Go to fivepinelodge.com or call (541) 549-5900 to make a reservation. Another option is to stay in Bend which is about 15 miles from Sisters.

Is there a beneficiary for the Happy Girls? If so, what do they get?2019-08-12T17:11:25-07:00

Yes, a portion of proceeds from Happy Girls Sisters benefits Sisters Parks & Recreation, a local nonprofit organization.

Will Medical & First Aid be provided?2019-08-12T16:22:41-07:00

Adventure Medics believes in providing medical services that go beyond the status quo. Whether covering an event, supporting wildland fire operations or providing training to the public or medical professionals they like to do things a little different.

Because they have a unique advantage of being on site as a pre-positioned resource, Adventure Medics can emphasize safety and institute preventative measures to stop injuries and medical emergencies before they occur.

Should an emergency happen the staff of EMTs, paramedics and doctors are properly equipped and possess the experience to deal with the unique challenges that come with remote medical operations. Adventure Medics believes in high quality equipment and continuous training to ensure that we can field one of the most prepared medical response teams you can find.

www.advmedics.com | 541-639-9993

Can men run the race?2019-08-12T16:42:39-07:00

Yes, this is a women’s race. Can men participate? Sure! However, men will not be included in the timed results or be eligible for awards. Sorry, guys!

Thank you to our 2020 sponsors!

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FivePine Lodge
FootZone Bend
Metabolic Maintenance
Princess Athletic
Rise Brewing Co.
Source Weekly
Three Creeks Brewing
Trailhead Liquor

Many thanks to the businesses that make the Happy Girls races possible!

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