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The Numerica Happy Girls Run Spokane is proud to partner with

Mother runner, we extend the invite you and your best running friends to join Another Mother Runner for their 2017 AMR Retreat: Run + Refresh. Whether you want to rev your engine at a challenging race, release your body with foam rolling, hone healthy eating habits, or befriend a bevy of other BAMRs, you will be delighted by the extended-weekend’s offerings.

And—AND—all those who partake in the 2017 AMR Retreat: Run + Refresh will be taking part in Happy Girls Spokane, an amazing all-women’s race that serves up 5K, 10K, and 13.1 options. The race will be the culmination of a Train Like a Mother Club program so we all get to celebrate the finish line together, in person, after getting to know each other through a private Facebook page for Retreat participants.

Have more questions??  AMR would be happy to answer those. Just follow this link to their Q & A page or reach out directly via their Facebook page !!!