Cardinal Rules of Pacing


  1. Only sign up to pace that which you able to – [a minimum of] 7 min slower than Half Marathon race PR within last 6 months.
  2. Use a GPS or similar time/pace tracking device
  3. Be less than 59 seconds outside the goal time (either +/-), without drastic deviation from the average pace, and even if there appears to be no runners following Thy pace group.
  4. NOT be considered for awards including podium finish or age-group awards.
  5. NOT make jokes during pacing duties as they may pertain to discrimination of any kind such as racism, sexism, obesity, slow pace of any runners, or any other remarks that may be considered obscene.
  6. Wear or carry assigned race pacer gear including shirt, pace stick and timing chip for the entirety of Thy assigned pacing duty.
  7. Adhere to specific pacer instructions including pre-race meeting time and all other obligations as detailed by race officials or pace team coordinator.
  8. Confirm with the pace team coordinator and/or race organizer by email.
  9. NOT sell Thy free-entry or illegally transfer pacer entry.
  10. Know the course.
  11. Make every effort to stop at any and all aid stations.
  12. Know the location of all aid stations.
  13. Notify those in the pace group of coming aid stations.
  14. Encourage use of on-course hydration or nutrition as deemed appropriate by each runner.
  15. Agree to attend expo (unless agreed with coordinator in advance).
  16. Agree to provide both positive and negative feedback to pace team coordinator.
  17. Agree NOT to provide coaching without a certification.
  18. Agree NOT to provide medical “advice” unless an MD .
  19. Last but not least, Thou shall enjoy to the max all the perks and fun as a pacer!

Content in some of the items of above credited to RunningAddicts – author Linh Ngyuen

Accessed 9-21-2014 7:03am, used with written permission granted via email 9-20-2014.